All About Tussock Studio

Hello, my name is Tara Cull and I'm an Australian artist living in Montpellier. I have worked as a landscape architect for many years so I'm passionate about observing and drawing the world around me. I still continue to work as a freelance Landscape Architect for the Lygon Street Nursery and other clients completing landscape design projects, planting designs and other various illustrations. You can see some of my landscape portfolio work here

I started Urban Sketching as a way to slow down during my travels, to really stop and look at a place. I can honestly say, there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting and drawing buildings and gardens for hours on end. You really get a good sense of a place when you stop to take it all in. I have always loved drawing and have always done it as a hobby. 

I decided to make it part of my daily work life and ever since I've worked on many different illustration projects:

- Urban sketches and house sketches 

- Character illustrations for custom cards for marketing materials

- Illustrations for cards 

- Custom portraits - people, animals, plants and buildings 

- Illustrations for teaching materials and children's books 

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